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Explore the #1 most common mistakes runners make that create run injuries!

My Knee Hurts

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Uncover & Identify the root cause of a twinge, pain, or strain!

Step 3

Why wearing knee braces, KT-Tape, stability shoes, compression sleeves make your run injury worse.

What Our Academy Members Have to Say...

I joined the #RunPainFree Academy when I was at rock bottom- when a doctor told me that I would snap my Achilles’ tendon if I ran and never run again. He gave me pain medication to manage the pain. I was scared and sad and so defeated, but the Academy gave me hope immediately and helped to identify the source of my pain. Jessica's an expert in body mechanics, and I was back to running a couple of weeks later - and the swelling and pain in my Achilles were gone - all without taking any medicine or braces or shots. Jessica is an expert for a reason!
Yocheved Marathon Runner
Yocheved G.
Distance Runner
If you're still in pain and/or keep having the same recurring injury, then whatever you're doing isn't working. Are you looking forward to your runs or dreading the aftermath of pain to follow? I've never had a problem that #RunPainFree Academy hasn't been able to address. The community is supportive, encouraging, and celebrates every accomplishment. If you want to learn about your body and what it's capable of, learn from someone who has a genuine interest in seeing athletes thrive. #RunPainFree Academy is the place to be.
Melissa #RunPainFree Academy Review & Testimonial
Melissa Thomas
Distance Runner
Jessica's knowledge is so impressive. Her ability to see and access where you need injury-correction is mind-boggling. I have total faith in her and her knowledge. You can access the injury treatment programs at any time and can refer back to the courses if you need a refresher. It is an invaluable tool to keep your correction on track and have for future reference. I'm loving the cheat sheets on Rolling. Those make it easy to see what we are supposed to be doing. The tutorial videos and visuals are the best.

Babette Roberts #RunPainFree Academy Review & Testimonial
Babette Roberts
Marathon Runner

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Most frequent questions and answers
Runners who are currently injured or interested in preventing common run injuries injuries are a good fit for our community. Those who enjoy very specific information on how to begin running, how to choose the proper shoe, and how to identify/treat regular aches and pains and actual injuries gain the most benefit from their membership.
We have runners from all over the world. The community is for anyone who are beginner, intermediate, or advanced in skill, or in any other configuration of running (5k, 10k, half or full marathon, ultra-marathon, etc.). The main language used in our community is English.
Members are welcome to choose the level of participation that works best for them. There is no set time commitment. The benefit of the academy of programs and community of passionate runners is that content and resources are available 24/7. Runners create their own schedule of participation so that learning complements each athlete’s busy life.
New members can join at anytime. Program content is not sequential. Learning is based on our programs and discussion themes. Think of the community like a virtual classroom of self-study. Members invest in our academy and community to diagnose many aches, provide comfort, caution, and direction. Then we all come together for dynamic, meaningful, open conversations about their learned insights.
We are not a run group. We are an educational learning collective. We focus on the myriad things that can go wrong for runners and how to fix them, always staying on the side of prevention, conservative treatment, and helping the athlete keep running. We engage in open discussions and share our learned insights with each other. We promote creating change for personal growth as it relates to improving our performance in our run programs, race events, and day to day lives.
Membership is a monthly reoccurring paid subscription. Members can cancel at anytime. 30-day money back guarantee. No Questions Asked. No Partial refunds, or pro-rated amounts are offered when cancelling. For all billing questions, including cancellations, contact the academy administrator, Jessica Leggio, by opening a Help Desk Ticket.

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