Virtual Running Challenge: Run Into 2021

Compete in our 1st virtual Running event, β€œRun Into 2021” presented by the #RunPainFree Academy!

This year has been something and we are all ready to get out of 2020! As a result, I am super excited to share this virtual running news with you today! I’ve been holding it back for months now and that day is finally here!

Introducing our FIRST ever virtual run event, β€œRUN INTO 2021” Virtual race, presented by the #RunPainFree Academy! SO EXCITING!!!!!!! 

Here is the scoop! 

Because we work with all runners at all levels and all paces, we wanted the β€œRUN INTO 2021” to honor all runners so you can choose to run  5k, 10k. Half or Full Marathon

Registration currently open

Registration closes 12/15/2020

Miles completed by 12/31/2020 

Is there a medal? OF COURSE! Our custom medal is AMAZING O.M.G! You are going to love this a one of kind medal that symbolizes what running into the year 2021 actually means and looks like in this day and age!

Virtual Run Challenge
5k 10k half marathon full marathon

We know runners love a Swag bag! You can see all that on the race page here: RACE PAGE  So consequently, we’ve included the option to get a run gaiter, race bib, and #RunPainFree wristband.

OH! Most importantly, in true #RunPainFree Academy fashion, we have a BONUS challenge that can win you one-on-one with Coach Jessica (no matter where you are, we have been doing this online since 2009 ;)) 

Join us for our FIRST ever race, and RUN INTO 2021

In conclusion, do it on your own time! Your own pace! And most importantly as we always say, RUN FOR YOURSELF… that’s what we want for all our runners!

That is to say, before it sells out! Join our first-ever virtual race to get out of 2020 and above all, register for the RUN INTO 2021 race today!



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