The #RunPainFree Academy
A learning community, offering athletic conditioning, injury prevention/correction, & nutritional programs for runners & marathoners.
Watch This Video To Learn About the #RunPainFree Academy Athletic Conditioning Program for Marathon Runners
The #RunPainFree Academy is a membership learning community, offering athletic conditioning, injury correction, and nutritional programs for marathon runners. You'll receive  purposeful content designed to spark dialogue and identify marathon training techniques. Members support each other in a private, social-networking forum. Together, we set goals for races, a new PR, and to be stronger after injury. We offer advice and feedback, so you can document what you learn. Our unique running community delivers acceptance, kindness, and encouragement for the athlete in you.
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Get Clear on What You Want
Feel Confident - Do you want to run knowing you're not going to injure yourself?

Trust Your Body - Do you want to understand the cues your body is giving you on runs? 

Athletic Conditioning - Do you want to train like the athlete you are?

Happy Feet - Do you want to know the absolute best running shoes for your races & marathons?

Educate Yourself - Do you want to learn how to take care of your body like a marathon runner for years to come?

Increase Race Goals - Do you want to run a half-marathon, full marathon, Ultramarathon, Triathlon, or Ironman?

Be Accepted - Do you want to be accepted no matter how little, how long, how fast, or how slow you run?
If you want to learn how to run without pain, learn proper running form, or even if you just want the confidence to increase running goals, then this is the most important letter you'll read all year!

Here's why...

The running community is riddled with misconceptions that benefit the billion dollar industry and not the athlete. 

The RunPainFree Academy's purpose is to help the runner become an athlete, without remaining broken (injured) or breaking the bank.

We've helped hundreds of thousands of runners just like you from all running levels, run their races pain-free.

5k, 10k, half-marathons, full-marathon, ultra-marathon, iron man races, etc... 

Even runners who have been running for 40 years have trusted us to change their running form, gate, and training regimes.

It's immediate relief from the pain that has been nagging and holding you back (in more ways than one).

The longer you wait to fix how your body is running, the worst your body is going to run

Just like your car. 

Stop ignoring the check engine light on your body.
Here's What's Included In Your Monthly Membership

Engagement / Weekly Discussion Topics and Community Conversations 

Resources / Conversation and Training Videos

Support / Expert-led Advice, Feedback, and Encouragement 

Homework / Learning & Interactive Activities

Structure / PR, Race, Marathon Goals-Setting and Self-Accountability Updates 

Community / Membership Open to New Members (only at Select Times)
The Self-Motivator. The go-getter that wants to get rid of their pain once and for all. The person who wants the education on their bodies that professional athletes get. The program is going to guide you, but you have to be self-motivated to stick to the plan. 
Quitters. A point will come where the root of your injury screams at you, and you will want to stop. This point in the program is where correction begins and where quitters show up.  Bio-mechanical work is not for the weak-willed or undisciplined. It is a process to correct what has caused you pain, and you have to be willing and patient to work through that.

An engaging, interactive, supportive runner. Because this is an online program, the interaction amongst the members is essential. Were not only referring to engaging with those who engage with you, but also engaging with those who are not interactive with the community. 
Commitment-phobes. This program sets you apart from distinguishes between an athlete and a weekend runner. It takes commitment and follows through to correct an injury or prevent one.
Straight-shooters. You have to call it like it is and not be afraid to speak up or face constructive criticism that will 1. Prevent serious injury, and 2. assist you in achieving your running goals.
People who struggle with trusting a process. Along the way, you are going to hit road bumps, and there are many minor injuries that led to the major injury you ultimately feel. This program is designed to address all of the micro-injuries to achieve results.-
At this point, you either qualify or disqualify yourself from reading further.
If you're one of those that doesn't like change, creating new habits or follow instructions based on proven methods because "you know best" or your doctor's suggestion of an "itis" suffices, we do not want to waste your time.
Can the RunPainFree Academy help you?


But FIRST, we need to talk about what makes the #RunPainFree Academy unique?
There I was, an injured athlete trying to correct my pain both internally and externally. 

The thing is, at the time, I was experiencing back and hip pain.

The big problem was that it's hard to stand with pain in your back when your job requires you to stand all day. That meant I could no longer work or earn a living, which resulted in a loss of income and losing my job.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened.

I realized my expertise and knowledge of biomechanics would allow me to address my injuries!

Instantly it became crystal clear to me how to separate body parts to find the root of pain because I saw there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

I planned to start the correction work immediately.

So I started taking my body and program back to the most basic human movement patterns. However, I didn’t stop there.

We then combined my biomechanical knowledge and nutritional understanding.

After that, we put the pieces together to create a process so that others could benefit.

Building on that success, we decided to create a program around it to help anyone else in pain.

We called it “RunPainFree, Inc.,” and from that, we've created the #RunPainFree Academy.

With the #RunPainFree Academy, I can heal any athlete or runner who is experiencing pain from a biomechanical standpoint (no trauma)!

Also, that's why I'm so excited to share this community with you so you can get these types of results too!

My style is to mix a blend of encouragement, tough love, strict discipline, accountability, and a strong sense of urgency to keep you running, engaged in our community and performing at the top of your running abilities.

Jessica Marie Rose Leggio
CEO | Co-Founder of The #RunPainFree Academy

Jessica Marie Rose Leggio
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