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I went to #RunPainFree, Inc. (Jessica) after a PT failed to help me run without pain. After 13 months, I was convinced I was done with long runs due to pain. My only goal was to fix the nagging IT pain that just would not go away despite everything I tried. She helped not only the IT pain get better, but has worked on every single muscle that the injured IT band effected (spoiler alert- it was all of them). Not only am I running without pain now, but because my muscles are working properly, Iā€™m even faster without extra effort simply due to running more efficiently. She is great and never once told me not to run.

- Telisa W.

I'm in my mid-forties now and let me tell you, I feel like a bad-ass. It's such a liberating feeling! I run stronger than I ever have before, even compared to when I started running a decade ago. That's not just a minor achievement; it's validation that this was all worth it.
I've friends younger than me going through hip replacements and knee replacements and I wanted no part of that. I saw the pain they were dealing with and I thought, 'no, I'm not letting that happen to me'. I wanted to keep running as I got older, not hobble around on a replaced joint.

- Jackie B.

"I'm Even Faster Without Extra Effort"

"I approached Jessica after encountering recurring foot problems while running. These issues would surface every few weeks, preventing me from running for a week at a time, leading to immense frustration. However, since working with Jessica, I have noticed an immediate improvement in my condition. I felt stronger and even found myself running faster without any conscious effort.

The most remarkable change has been in my pace. Before, my fastest 'easy' pace was around 9:30. However, since working with Jessica, my easy pace ranges from 8:45 to 9:15, achieved with ease. Moreover, I've kept track of my stride, cadence, and other metrics, and have observed definitive progress. My stride is expanding, and my speed is increasing. As a result, I feel stronger and in better health overall.

All of this has been possible thanks to Jessica's expertise. She truly knows what she's doing. Thank you, Jessica."

- Ari

"This headline gets attention"

"Yesterday, I ran eight miles. Now, at 43 years old, this is a feat I hadn't achieved since my early twenties. Amazingly, I didn't feel overly tired and I wasn't in much pain.

Back in 2009, I had an ACL injury. After surgery and completing all the necessary rehab, I was never able to fully regain my previous functionality, even though I had worked with several excellent physical therapists. I was caught in a seemingly endless cycle of injury and recovery. My injuries were severe enough to halt my running. After resting for a few days, I could only manage a two or three-mile run. Understandably, this was discouraging.

Then I found the Run Pain Free Academy. From there, I received an immediate, detailed, and empathetic response from Jessica Marie Rose Legio. After a consultation with Coach Jessica, she quickly identified the hip issues I had been dealing with even before my ACL injury.

No matter what you've been told about your injury, I would urge you to contact Coach Jessica and seek her advice. There are things that physical therapists and surgeons may not know or may not tell you."

- Lou

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