Have You Ever Felt Held Back By Pain or Injury?

Conquer Pain, Heal Injuries, and Rediscover Your Running Passion!

Our unique approach will guide you on a journey to unparalleled well-being and prime performance.

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.Shinsplints, Runner's Knee, Plantar-fasciitis, IT-Band Syndrome, Stress Fractures, Torn Hip Labrum, MCL-ACL-LCL tears, Torn Miniscus, Hamstring Strain, Achilles Tendinitis, Calf Strain, Shoulder Pain/Impingement, Hip Pain/Impingement, Knee Pain, Back Pain, SI Joint, Bulging Disc, Herniated Discs, Sprained Rolled/Ankles, Achilles Sever/Tear, Ankle Pain, Tendonitis...

Mission Statement:

Run Stronger AFTER Injury.

Our mission is to help people in pain and runners with injuries,  fix heal and correct their ailments, through the #RunPainFree Injury Correction Curriculum & Program.

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I went to #RunPainFree, Inc. (Jessica) after a PT failed to help me run without pain. After 13 months, I was convinced I was done with long runs due to pain. My only goal was to fix the nagging IT pain that just would not go away despite everything I tried. She helped not only the IT pain get better, but has worked on every single muscle that the injured IT band effected (spoiler alert- it was all of them). Not only am I running without pain now, but because my muscles are working properly, I’m even faster without extra effort simply due to running more efficiently. She is great and never once told me not to run.

- Telisa W.

I'm in my mid-forties now and let me tell you, I feel like a bad-ass. It's such a liberating feeling! I run stronger than I ever have before, even compared to when I started running a decade ago. That's not just a minor achievement; it's validation that this was all worth it.
I've friends younger than me going through hip replacements and knee replacements and I wanted no part of that. I saw the pain they were dealing with and I thought, 'no, I'm not letting that happen to me'. I wanted to keep running as I got older, not hobble around on a replaced joint.

- Jackie B.

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Pain can totally transform your everyday experience.

When you can’t do what you did before, it can make you feel helpless. When doctors deny the reality of your pain, it can make you feel unheard. When friends and family say it’s all in your head, it can make you feel alone.

There is an end to your pain.
There is someone who understands. There is hope.

If you’re experiencing pain right now, please know that you are not alone, that there are people who understand you - and that THERE IS A WAY OUT. Whether you’re an occasional jogger, or a dedicated marathon runner, my program can help you get rid of your pain, for good. You don’t need to feel isolated, misunderstood, and unheard.

If you feel unheard, like no one believes you, like no one can help you, please don’t.

It’s a strange thing, living with pain; mainly because no one can feel it other than you.
Some doctors might say it’s all in your head, and even your friends and family might doubt that it’s real.
All the while, you’re stuck with your pain, feeling unheard and helpless.

Jessica Marie Rose Leggio

Sports Biomechanics Injury Expert

Jessica Marie Rose Leggio is one of the most effective injury recovery experts in the world. She has helped people from all walks of life recover from physical pain or injuries. Her methods are simple and easy to follow, and her approach is comprehensive, meaning that she considers all aspects of the individual when creating a recovery plan.

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